Leaving earlier than I thought!!
on Sarah in Mongolia (Mongolia), 24/Sep/2009 20:48, 34 days ago
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So much has happened in the last 14 days but most unsettling was that my leaving date has been moved forward!!!The moving forward of my date really did upset me quite badly and I am not quite sure why because it only means leaving 1.5/2 days earlier! I was told on Wednesday about it and this meant that I was leaving 3 weeks on Wednesday and that I had to tell work I was leaving earlier than I had negotiated.Luckily it doesn't affect my injections as I have just enough time to get them all in. My carefully laid plans were disrupted by a mild bout of tonsillitis which meant I couldnt have my second injection on the right day but all is well and I will be fully immunised against Rabies before I go!Aside from my date moving forward I also now have a job for when I come home! I have been offered a training contract in the civil service which means I will be paid to train as a solicitor for the 3 years when I come home. It is reassuring in that it means I will be financially ok when I come home, and I have job prospects!! lol! it also means I get qualified which is difficult to do this year with the economic conditions. It can also possibly be deferred if I decide I want to extend in Mongolia.I also took my VSO discount letter to Cotswolds today and had a great time! They spent and hour and a half letting me try on socks, play with filtration and purification stuff and generally enjoy all the travel accessories available. I restrained my ridiculous purchases to a sheewee which none of the ladies in the shop had been brave enough to try but I will give it a go!Unfortunately all the stuff I bought in cotswolds and all the retail therapy I did while I was in bed sick last weekend has to fit into one 25kg bag!! I have kept all my receipts and there will be lots of returns being done once I get a practice pack done this weekend!So my sister heads off to China tomorrow, other sister heads back to uni on Saturday and I am starting my packing so my Mum is getting very tearful already!! It is going to be an interesting and very busy 2 weeks and 6 days until I leave.