March 2010 part 1
on Just Some Things I Rote (Indonesia), 15/Mar/2010 20:27, 34 days ago
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March pt1- more bad news, more tough timesBarely had my family returned from attending my Grandma’s funeral in the Isle of Man then my family had more bad news. My dad got a call that his father wasn’t very well and he had to rush down to Nottingham. After a lot of trips to and from Nottingham over the course of a week, my Poppa suddenly deteriorated and died.Again, this had been incredibly difficult and there isn’t much I can really say about it that I didn’t already write about my grandma. It is really tough to be away at times like this not only from a selfish side of things of being away but also not being there to support your family. Either event would have been difficult for all of us but both events coming in such quick succession have made it especially tough.It’s going to be very strange in a slightly different way when I get back to my grandma’s death as instead of going to Nottingham and him not being there, I’m not sure I’ll even go to Nottingham as he was virtually the only person I really knew there (my auntie moved elsewhere a few years ago). So in a way, it’s hard for me to even understand he’s gone. Whereas with my grandma, I will still see my granddad and have those reminders that she’s gone, with Poppa I won’t have that. it feels like a very odd closing of a chapter for the family and he will be missed. Once again, I won’t be going home for the funeral which is tough and once again I am grateful to my family and those around me.