January no2 2010
on Just Some Things I Rote (Indonesia), 15/Mar/2010 20:24, 34 days ago
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January no.2-something interesting actually.....Half way through writing that immensely dull post for January, I realised that on the last day of January there was one event that was of note but I didn’t want to include it with the rest of those dull things!On the 31st of January, Anna Joy Parker and Hope Rachel Parker were born. Now as you will see from their surnames they are clearly not my kids so why write about someone elses? Well these are the daughters of my best mate Ben who I grew up with and who in fact I was best man for.Really, I just wanted to mention it because they are quite close (plus Ben’s mum will give me a good kicking when she sees me if I don’t, I love you really Nadine but you did once give me an ultimatum of ‘you’re not coming into my sons wedding with hair like that!’ so forgive me if I fear you a little at times!) and it was quite significant for me.Now obviously, when such close friends have kids is weird but I guess in a way this is extra strange for me for a number of reasons. Ben and I grew up there and so it’s very strange to think that when I get back he’ll be a dad, I mean I was stood next to him when he got married (actually, due to a slip of the tongue by the guy doing the marrying, I was dangerously close to being the one being married!) and it’s just strange to think of him being responsible in some way and maybe not heading off to music festivals and alike but staying at home looking after the kids.It now brings to six the number of kids I’ve missed being born or will miss (off the top of my head, sorry if I’ve missed anyone!) in addition to all sorts of other things. Now I know this sounds really self obsessed (well it is my blog after all, surely the whole notion of a blog is to be self obsessed? If it isn’t you may not wantto read any of this blog and I apologise for the misunderstanding) but really it just keeps making me think how things will be different when I get back. I am pretty young for a VSO long term volunteer (I’m not exceptional; I just took a very strange and fortunate route in) so most folks are olderthan me and I think your life changes a lot in your twenties. Whereas later in life when you are more settled, the things around you become more settled so being away for two years sees fewer changes.Further to all of that, it’s just strange to think how long I’ve been away now, I mean I left nine months before Sarah (Bens wife) was even pregnant which is weird to think about and by the time I get back, those little girls will already be over six months old! Not to mention other friends babies who will be like a yearor 18months old, so strange. In fact, two friends weren’t even ‘seeing’ each other when I left and now I think the first time I’ll see them when I’m back will be their wedding! (I should point out for legal reasons, that is in no way shape or form linked to pregnancy! Just a ‘weird things about being away connection) So weird.So anyway, congratulations to the parker clan and all my other friends who have had/awaiting babies (Steve and Hariet, Jacqui and Jim, Becki and Chris, Debs and Lachy and anyone else I’ve missed!), well done, you’ve all suitably freaked me out! and to all the rest of you who are due to be married or I’ve already missed it!Looking back, it’s quite amazing how I’ve managed to spin it so that massive events in my friends’ lives suddenly become all about me, it’s an incredible skill......