Protests, basket ball games and flights home
on Sarah in Mongolia (Mongolia), 16/Apr/2010 14:16, 34 days ago
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Last week was a very good week!! We had out meeting about the funding we are getting and everyone is very happy and we are going to do a tour of the book ger on Monday with them to show them the place. There are still a lot of details to work out but it is all looking promising. If you have a look at my lost post you can have a quick look at our book ger project on You tube.I am still enjoying my CMTU work but struggling to understand what it is they want to achieve from my placement other than fundraising proposals. There will be a lot of excitement next week as they are holding a rally/protest which VSO have said I cannot attend but I can watch from the window - I am rather excited at even that prospect!On Friday night I was invited to watch on of Mongolia's favourite sports - Basketball. They were pretty good (they were the professional teams so the equivalent of the NBA in the US) bt much scrawnier than the US players but some were pretty tall! They also have no changing rooms so me and other girl in our group got quite an eyeful as they changed in the stands! I think I shall be returning!Aside from that my debaters are doing well and we held a balloon debate (thanks Mum for the idea!) which went really well and I think they are fetting the idea about arguments. We have 2 competitions coming up - one an internal one and one with other English speaking schools so fingers crossed they won't feel too underprepared!Last weekend we had some nice weather so I took a short walk on Saturday down the banks of the river Tuul. It isn't the most picturesque place as there is a lot of litter and building work on one side, but I got a look at the hills at that end of town and I am thinking I might try and head up one this weekend.Unfortunately from Sunday onwards I was ill again - unfortunately my body doesn't really like the Mongolian weather so I came down with blocked sinuses this time round. I was pretty miserable for a few days and missed 3 days of work. I am on the mend now thanks to Mum's skype diagnosis and the use of some of my antibiotic stash!It was a weird week as well because VSO UK have booked my flight home for September 3rd which is less than 5 months away now. It is strange to think I will actually have to come home and go back to uni and a "proper" job! I will miss Mongolia but I certainly couldn't do another winter. Today we got a feeling of what the summer will be like as it was sunny and warm at lunchtime and myself and my colleague went and sat outside in the sunshine and just enjoyed ourselves. I am really looking forward to my last few months here and hoping beyond all hope that it warms up properly soon!