VSO Cluster Project
on Postcard from Uganda (Uganda), 01/May/2010 20:54, 34 days ago
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Back in July, I wrote about the Mbarara/Bushenyi volunteers getting involved with a community youth project, that teaches young children dance, drama, handcrafts and basic agriculture. Through VSO we were able to provide the group with funding to build a chicken shed and to buy chicks - the income from selling eggs would then be used to buy school materials and uniforms for kids who otherwise couldn't go to school.These photos were taken in December and show the completed chicken house, all of which other than the plastering was constructed by the kids in the youth group. They had also just received delivery of 50 young chicks. The latest up-date is that the chickens are now laying eggs, about 30 a day, which are being bought by the local co-operative.