Catching up with family ......great Christmas in South Africa
on Postcard from Uganda (Uganda), 03/May/2010 01:14, 34 days ago
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I spent the 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year with my sister Fionnuala and her family just outside Durban - my sister Margaret and her family were also there.  It was the first holiday I'd taken since I'd arrived in Uganda just over a year ago. I had a great time.... it was lovely to see familiar faces and my nieces and nephews that I hadn't seen for ages. I was spoiled rotten, had great food and wine (brocoli, asparagus, lettuce, courgettes never tasted so good), a fantastic pedicure, great shopping, walks on the beach and of course lots of catch-up chat with my sisters!! Christmas Eve .....getting ready to watch a soppy Christmas 'chick flick', with my niece Shivy (godchild and namesake!), dressed in matching xmas pj's!Family photo (brother-in-law Ian missed out on the photo)..... Christmas Eve lunch at a beautiful country resortCarving up the turkey on Christmas Day...... it was 'yummmy'!'Super' Shivy showing off her some of her Christmas pressies....The three 'hatters' - nephews Euan, Aaron and Tom modelling their new Christmas hats!My niece Kate, looking very 'chilled' after a dip in the pool....