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16– 18 April 2010 It took me two days of travelling to get from Labuan Bajo to Riung which is on the north coast ofFlores. Most tourists go along the south coast using comfortable people carriers but I decided to take the more challenging route and use public bus. From Bajawa to Riung there is only one bus a day so people and baggage are just loaded whether there appears to be room or not, including a fridge on the back and two goats on the roof. Part way there it started to rain so we stopped and much of the luggage from the roof was brought inside to stop it spoiling– hardly room left to breath. Riung is just a small traditional fishing village but has many small islands just off shore that are apparently idyllic to visit– unfortunately due to rain and wind I decided this was not a wise move and just explored the village and surrounding area and spent many pleasant hours chatting with people.