Visa Extension
on Really Out There Experience (Indonesia), 23/May/2010 21:13, 34 days ago
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Since February this year it has been possible to extend the visa on arrival by a farther 30 days– but this means hanging around by an immigration office for up to a week. I had enquired about using an agent whilst inBalibut they wanted at least 800,000 Rp to do it– when the visa itself only costs 250,000 Rp. As I was keen to go back to Rote I decided that I would try to process the extension in Kupang. I again contacted an agent – I never got to find out how much he would have charged me as his KTP (identity card) had expired so he could not sponsor me.I therefore decided to do it myself and contacted a friend in Kupang to see if he would act as sponsor and he agreed – many thanks .Dominggus. I ended up paying 350,000 Rp and as I was not prepared to pay anymore for the administration of the sponsor letter had to wait a week instead of 3 days. Day 1 I had to fill in the application form and submit it with photographs and copies of my passport, visa and my sponsors KTP and a sponsor letter had to be produced. Then day 2 I had to return to pay the fee and then day 6 the passport complete with visa extension was ready for collection. As day 1for me was a Friday this meant I had to hang around inTimoruntil Tuesday before I could go to Rote– I will know better next time. I was able to get another friend to collect the passport for me on the following Friday so did not have to rush back.