Long ferry journey
on Really Out There Experience (Indonesia), 26/May/2010 14:54, 34 days ago
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14– 16 May 2010The earliest I could get a plane fromSumbawas 21 May so I decided to take theferry, so after 6 hours on a bus I arrived at the ferry terminal at 20:00. The first one to leave went to Aimere onFlores. I used my contacts from VSO to check if there was a flight from Ende within a couple of days of the ferry’s arrival. There was not so I decided to stay on the ferry as far as Kupang; a 36 hour journey; as there are several flights a day from Kupang toBali.As there had been no ferries for over a week this one was rather full and I was lucky to find enough floor space to put down the sleep mat I hired for the two nights. People were lying anywhere and everywhere– how they managed to get to some of the places I have no idea but I know it would not be allowed in theUK! Despite the discomfort and the high level of smoke pollution I had a great time on the trip.