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on Really Out There Experience (Indonesia), 26/May/2010 14:07, 34 days ago
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27 April– 4 May 2010I decided to go back to Rote whilst I waited the decision on my visa extension. Chilpa had kindly offered to let me stay in her room in the nurses’ mess. I received such a warm welcome from everyone at the hospital and had such an amazing time in the mess. The nurses were so generous with their hospitality. I learnt a lot about Indonesian cooking not only in the mess but also at the house of Naema’s family. He father had died the day before I arrived back on Rote and I went with Chilpa and many other of the nurses on 28 April to help to prepare all the food before the funeral. A couple of cows and a goat had been killed and then boiled before then being cut up to be cooked in various dishes. Mass catering is relatively easy here. Several fires are lit around the grounds of the house and then large vats are put on the top. The meat was boiled in old oil cans.