The Royal Pride Academy
on Hoggs in Uganda (Uganda), 17/Aug/2010 17:16, 34 days ago
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Well! In 4 weeks time we expect to be home barring any airport strikes. Our attention is focused on end of placement reports and checklists for our return.The last of our scheduled visitors departed on Thursday. We had an enjoyable time with my sister, Anne, and her husband, Wofgang who live in Germany. They were with us for 2 weeks on their first visit to Africa and experienced the chaos of Kampala traffic as well as the abundant wildlife and the friendly Ugandans.Before we left last September a number of our friends gave us money to put to a "good cause". If you have read many of our blogs you will realise that we are aware of too many good causes in Uganda and choosing one has been difficult. However there is a primary school not far from where we stay (on the  other side of Mutungo Hill).  The Royal Pride Academy has 200 primary school children with seven teachers for the classes P1 to P7. It is a private school (no funds come from the government) and is dependent on the fees paid by parents. Although the government has introduced universal primary education, the reality is that in most places, including Kampala, there are no state-funded schools and many children do not attend school. The school is located in a slum area of Kampala so the concept of a private school in the UK couldn't be further removed. The school has little resources apart from the dedicated head, Godfrey, and his staff who we think receive no pay. You will see from the photos that the buildings are basic. The school is at the foot of the hill and until recently the classrooms were regularly flooded. The partner of one of the volunteers recently organised the builiding of the concrete plinths to keep the classrooms above water level and the chute and roundabout were provided by another volunteer. It is likely other funds will be given to improve the buildings so we are adding our contribution to this. We hope those who gave us money to use in Uganda will feel that this is a worthwhile project.On another note, we were delighted to hear yesterday from our younger son, Hamish, that he and Morven are engaged.  With David and Kelli's wedding next spring, 2011 should be an exciting year.