Masindi Reunion - June 2010
on Postcard from Uganda (Uganda), 16/Sep/2010 19:09, 34 days ago
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In early June I paid a return visit to Masindi, where I lived when I first arrived in Uganda. My friends and ex-volunteers Chris and Maggie had come back on holiday, so I took the opportunity to catch up with them, my other volunteer friends Jan and Fen and of course people I used to work with at the hotel. I hadn't been back since left in May 2009. After a very long bus journey - 5 hours from Mbarara to Kampala, then a further 3 hours from Kampala to Masindi, I had a really lovely welcome from Chris, Maggie, Jan and Fen at the bus park in Masindi. It was great to catch up with them all and lovely to see the Ugandan friends I had made during my time in Masindi. I've kept in contact with many of the hotel staff that I used to work with - many of whom no longer work there. Actually there were only a few people remaining at the hotel form the time I worked there.While I was there I went with Maggie to the Family Spirit orphanage - Chris and Maggie were involved with the orphanage during their time in Uganda and still continue to support it. The kids there are wonderful and as you can from the photos below, they thoroughly enough having their phot taken!The children were more than willing to pose for Maggie's photosThese little girls were just adorable, they were so giggly and have such beautiful smiles, you can't help smiling yourself!It was Chris's birthday while I was in Masindi, so we all went out to a local hotel, where they do great Inian food. Above - myself and Maggie and Chris and MaggieIt was a really lovely evening, good friens and good food - Jan and Fen above.These were two boys at Family Spirit - they asked me to take their photo because they were 'best friends'!