Dragon's Den- African Style!
on The Cowans in Kampala (Uganda), 20/Oct/2010 09:27, 34 days ago
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As part of the income generation project with the Touch Namuwongo Community volunteers, Alan organised a Dragon's Den style forum for the volunteers to pitch their business ideas to a panel of experts. On the panel were Alison' brother, Jonathan who is an investment banker in London, Kevin the CEO of International Hospital Kampala, our friend Amos who runs a tour company in Uganda, and Rita, a lawyer from the hospital with experience in similar microfinance schemes.Using funds from donations and some of the 'dragons' own money, we are distributing loans to the ideas deemed most innovative and likely to succeed. In the first session we had ideas ranging from a fish mincing machine to an ID card business. The other volunteers watched on and hopefully learnt some valuable business skills for their own ventures.Once the loans are paid back over a 6 month period, the process will start again and the money will be ploughed ino the next winning entries.This guy is pitching for funds to expand his onion selling business. The dragons are sat on the right.