Adding an Appendix to our Stay in Uganda!
on The Cowans in Kampala (Uganda), 07/Nov/2010 18:08, 34 days ago
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 With just a matter of days remaining of our stay in Uganda, we thought it remiss that our medical exposure here be limited to Alison’s involvement within IMG, so with that in mind, Alan selflessly underwent an emergency appendicectomy on Friday at IHK!! As Alison elected not to join them in theatre (much to the surprise of the team?!), the surgeon felt it necessary to bring the offending organ out for her perusal, as featured below!There had been a lot of debate as to whether or not to operate - a decision that is not taken lightly out here as you can appreciate!! - with the preference being a more conservative approach where possible. Alison was not that patient and Alan was under the knife just over 24 hours after his first twinge and apparently just in the nick of time judging by the state of his appendix. Thank you to you all for your advice and support on the 'To operate or not to operate' debate - it was really appreciated!Alan is now recovering well in hospital and has been receiving excellent care from the staff at IHK.As a result of this surgical setback, our return to the UK will be delayed...again, but hopefully only by a few days! Thanks again to everyone for your get well wishes. Above is Zoe's Get Well Soon card, which somewhat morbidly turned into a 'Fairwell' card, but looking at Alan in the picture you can't blame her for that!!