Vietnamese Weddings
on Sarah Easter (Vietnam), 11/Nov/2010 14:14, 34 days ago
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This past week, I was a Vietnamese bridesmaid for the second time since arriving in Vietnam (who would have thought?). After attending six Vietnamese weddings in less than a year, I have learned a thing or two about this cultural tradition in Vietnam.Here are a few things you should know about Vietnamese weddings -- you know, just in case you happen to come to Vietnam and get invited to a wedding :) :1) Karaoke is a staple of every Vietnamese wedding -- Karaoke is to Vietnamese weddings what dancing is to American weddings. Every wedding has lots and lots of karaoke -- it is the main entertainment attraction of Vietnamese weddings. Oh, and they love to hear foreigners sing -- so either get your singing pipes ready or else be prepared to consistently decline the offer to sing throughout the course of the event with a big smile on your face.2) No cake for you -- While almost every Vietnamese wedding has a large, delicious-looking cake just starring at you from the front of the room, do not be fooled. The cake is actually not for your consumption. It is simply cut by the bride and groom and saved for the family to eat -- after the wedding. The first time I attended a Vietnamese wedding I was so excited when I noticed the cake at the front of the room, especially since the Vietnamese culture is not as concerned with sweets and desserts in comparison to the American culture. Yet, as the night wore on and no cake was served to the guests, I soon learned that actually eating the cake is not as important in their wedding celebrations.3) Come Hungry - While guests do not get to enjoy the wedding cake, a big part of this Vietnamese celebration involves eating ALOT of food. In fact, almost every Vietnamese wedding involves serves six or seven courses -- including salad, soup, lots of different meats, rice and fruit -- to the guests, and never-ending drinks all around. Plus, the Vietnamese culture is very concerned with hospitality so people seated around you are continually placing more food in your bowl and more beverages in your cup throughout the entire process.Below is a picture of myself with the other bridesmaids and the bride and groom at the wedding this past Tuesday. It was a very PINK wedding!