People Make All the Difference
on Sarah Easter (Vietnam), 11/Dec/2010 12:00, 34 days ago
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I have loved my time in Vietnam for countless reasons, from the amazing food (that I'm sure you haven't heard enough about:) and beautiful natural landscapes to the country's vibrant culture and rich heritage. Yet, for me, this experience would mean very little without the many, many, many people who have shaped my time and experiences here.Living in Vietnam has allowed me to make connections with people from various generations and ways of life:- my energetic college-aged Vietnamese friends who have helped me to find my love for Vietnamese food, karaoke, music, coffee shops, bike riding and weddings- the international volunteer community who understand the joys and challenges of volunteering abroad- My dear VSO volunteer friend Pat who is over thirty years older than I am and yet very young at heart and always willing to lend a listening ear- the Hope Center staff and artisans who have taught me how to better appreciate life and to live for todayTo you all, thank you for sharing your friendship. Thank you for your sharing your lives. You have all made an impression on me and I will never forget you.