Last Days in Hue
on Sarah Easter (Vietnam), 14/Dec/2010 19:26, 34 days ago
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What do you do when you only have a few days left in a place you have come to love and appreciate??Here's what I did during my last days in Hue:- Ate as much delicious Hue foods as I could from street food and sidewalk coffee to home cooked Vietnamese meals to my favorite Vietnamese restaurants (you're not really surprised by this one, are you? :)- Countryside motorbike ride to no where in particular, the main purpose being to just drive, drive, drive and experience real Vietnamese life as it happens outside the city walls- Sang my heart out at karaoke with friends- Chatted, laughed and shared stories with good friends at some of the city's best coffee shops from the luxurious 5-star Imperial hotel cafe located on the top floor, offering an incredible view of Hue city, to a hidden bamboo cafe situated on a secluded lotus flower lake- Last dance at the city's only late night expat/tourist dance club with friends jamming and dancing away 'til the early morningWhile my adventure in Vietnam has literally ended in the fact that I am now back home, the people and culture of Vietnam have certainly made an impact on me -- my likes, my perspectives, my way of life. So, while my original purpose for writing this blog -- to tell all of my adventures while in Vietnam -- has now ended, there is still so much to tell. And so much that I'm sure I have yet to realize and recall now that I am back at home and not immersed in the fascinating Vietnamese culture.So, stay tuned for more soon :)