Having fun in the sun
on Wendy Margolese (Zambia), 06/Dec/2010 08:30, 34 days ago
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We are currently in the rainy season here in Zambia, which means heavy rains usually at night and then the sun comes out during the day, it also means with each heavy rain a new insect appears in large numbers.. they stay for a day and then disappear.At the end of last week it was what they call flying termites.. they are a delicacy here.. a great source of protein and easy to catch and prepare. Last nights rain brought beetles..we also had a large number of frogs and no electricity.. so as I write this the power on my computer is depleating.. but it's worth it!So todays work day may be cut short.. because of our power situation.. we'll see how long that lasts.This week we were due to celebrate international volunteers day by going to an orphanage and spending the day cooking and cleaning for the kids.. and then having a few hours to play games with them.. I am super excited to visit. it's called N'muumuu.. and there are 2 VSO volunteers stationed there who are super great.They do everything from find the funding to keep the orphanage going to overseeing all of the programs they do. However when in Africa everything runs behind schedule... so we got the budget approval for this day on Friday afternoon but the funds won't be here from VSO until tomorrow and we need food and cleaning supplies so we're waiting to find out if the event will have to be postponed.Saturday night my friend Elisa hosted a great party.. 25 people came to her place to have some drinks and a bry (that's a BBQ) a great time was had by all. Sunday we had anticipated going to the beach but the weather didn't cooperate so we went to see the Dam between Zimbabwe and Zambia.. so technically I've been to Zimbabwe because you can walk around the border!It was pretty cool to see a working dam in Africa, the waterway is really beautiful.Lastly I'm off work between Dec 17th and Jan 3 so I'm going travelling with my roommate and a few other VSO volunteers. We are going to start in the capital (Lusaka) and then lead to Livingstone.. it's supposed to be really nice.. lots of cafes and stores to buy local crafts from.. (that's something Siavonga is seriously lacking) and then if I can get my work permit sorted out we're going to head to Botswana..there is a game park very close to the border that we are going to check out.sending sun from Zambia :) xoxo wendy