Hi From Zambia
on Wendy Margolese (Zambia), 25/Nov/2010 10:16, 34 days ago
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I arrived this morning.. with the first ever cardinal of Zambia. he was just ordained in Rome this week! So we had tons of press and lots of welcomers at the airport I felt famous.Although for the last 2 days I've been crying non stop.. now that I'm finally here I've stopped. I still don't know how I'll live without my husband for 6 months but I'm trying not to cry about it anymore.I did see the toilet first hand.. and it's a real one with a flusher and all. (I'm staying in a hotel tonite while in the capital) I also found out that Siavonga is one of the hotter places in Zambia so I do have a pool.. for real! I also have a roommate named Joi belle. Can't wait to meet her tomorrow. I'll be in the capital for training today and tomorrow and then off to Siavonga and I start work on Monday.It's crazy culture shock but somehow I feel like I belong.. it's a really strange feeling.. but the adventure has definitely begun.So stay tuned.. I have a SIM Card for my cell and I'm up and running.. and tomorrow we'll see what will be with internet connectivity. For the next 2 days I'll have connectivity from the program office! I'll post pics soon.