Long goodbye's
on Wendy Margolese (Zambia), 21/Nov/2010 03:41, 34 days ago
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This week has been filled with ups and downs, excitement and fear... and happiness too. I sold all of my butterfly and monkey cookies.. and raised $375.00 for VSO just from cookie sales! So thanks to all my friends and colleagues who bought them all up and a special thanks to dutchess of dough (Erin) for making them for me.dutchessofdough.com This week was my last at work, I've never not worked in my life.. so leaving work on Friday was surreal. I have always said I don't define myself by what I do.. but I'm rethinking that.My hub on the right, Duncan his best friend in the middle and Corey is bro on the leftI had a great chance to spend some time with colleauges outside of work at Hemingways.. which was really great and my branch had a great potluck lunch for my last day, it was delicious! I also had an opportunity to spend 1 on 1 time with my closest friends.. it's really hard to say goodbye when you know you'll only be able to keep in touch by email.. it's not the same as speaking and/or hanging out; It will be tough to be out of their lives for the next 6 months. I look forward to arriving and meeting new friends; none of whom will ever take the place of what I call homebase friends.. those are the people who you have grown with most of your life. To me they are the most important and even though through the years your relationships shift and change they are still the people you come home to when you feel lost.For the last 8 weeks I've felt really excited to start this adventure, but as it approaches I get more afraid and realize how much I'll miss home and all it means.. but I know it will be worthwhile.Libby Bell and ITamar, Helen and Joanna (my girls from the office)