planning and packing
on Wendy Margolese (Zambia), 08/Nov/2010 01:56, 34 days ago
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Training Class Oct 29- Nov 2 2010Training finished last week and it was fantastic.. truly much more than I ever anticipated... I thought we would learn what not to do while in country, but instead it was like giving us the keys to uncode our new cultural reality.I'm 6 days away from departure... this was a big weekend. We had a great dinner on Saturday night with close friends to say good bye.  This weekend I focused on getting packed up and ready to go.. I'm 80% of the way there. Just a few more things to put into my bag and 1 fight with Manulife to overcome and I'll be cleared for departure. I am in the process of unlocking my old cell phone so I'll have a phone to bring with me to get me started. I wanted to say hi to all my class mates who were all outstanding! Safe travels to all..I'm so excited to get there but I'm having some trouble sleeping through the night at this point, partially out of nerves and partically out of excitement. I'm spending my final Friday with my husband just me and him for the day... This week is full of seeing friends who couldn't make it to the dinner.. I look forward to saying goodbye slowly.. Have a great week everyone!