Oh the waiting...
on Wendy Margolese (Zambia), 26/Sep/2010 13:44, 34 days ago
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Since being accepted to be a volunteer with CUSO-VSO there is lots to do before departure; do a physical, do a dental exam, fill out lots and lots of paperwork, questionnaires about the work you would like to do while on the ground, buying a laptop, figuring out what to pack, and then what to pack in, insurance, travel doctor and shots and then the waiting begins.  When I'm excited about something waiting can be challenging..so I'm just trying to do as much as I can to prepare before being given my final destination and departure date. Initially we thought November departure, then January then back to October...They offered me 3 opportunities in Zambia all leaving in October and I let them know that 2 of them were perfect fits.. now they go back to the employers to present my profile and then we WAIT...Yesterday I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and finally redeemed my hard earned optimum points to get myself $138.00 of  toothpaste, bactine, advil, imodium etc etc..  I did my physical and dental appointments last week and this week I visit the travel doctor to get prescriptions for my shots.. if I'm lucky and I know by Wednesday where I'm going he can actually administer them for me.. we'll see if the waiting will be over by then. I'm so excited about going but the WAITING IS KILLING ME.I also need to start raising funds.. so anyone that wants to donate I accept CASH, CHEQUE, and electronic bank transfers and paypal. (please see my profile above for instructions or get a hold of me)