No one does it better than my husband
on Wendy Margolese (Zambia), 05/Jan/2011 06:54, 34 days ago
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Over the last several weeks when I reflect on what this experience has brought to me so far.. I keep going back to the fact that if it weren't for my amazing husband I could not have easily been here. It's been tough on him, I think it's always more difficult for the person staying behind. He never complains or makes me feel guilty for being selfish enough to leave him for 6 months.. and although he doesn't realize it he has given me the most beautiful follow my heart and to live out a dream, to make a choice to be selfish because it was just that important.So I just want to say it publicly like I do privately I have the best husband in the world.This experience is enriching me in so many ways.. and teaching me things I never thought I would learn and I owe it all to my husband.. thanks Puppy for letting me go. My heart is always with you no matter how far away I am physically.