Lack of Postage
on Wendy Margolese (Zambia), 07/Feb/2011 12:50, 34 days ago
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I haven’t been writing frequently these days.. I think it’s because depending on when you ask me how’s it going.. my answer varies so much.. at this moment... I feel great... I had a great weekend.. Friday night out with some local friends, Saturday we had a great movie night and Sunday we celebrateda friends birthday with a fabulous lunch and a trip to a lodge for swimming, drinks and pool and then out for dinner.. a great day and a great weekend.. Saturday as I walked out local market I found the cutest new shoes for 18,000, just under 4 dollars.. a great price.. and they are super cute! Everything is feeling really good at the moment.But last Wednesday I was crying about how lonely I felt and how much I missed home.. last week was tough.. I really find the evenings hard.. because there is nothing to do in town except for drink.. firstly i don’t want to turn into an alcoholic and secondly it’s not like I can go to the bar by myself.. it’s not unsafe like something will happen to me.. I’ll just be hit 100 times, because women don’t go to bars themselves unless they’re prostitutes... So I watch TV, and sometimes a movie on my computer, listen to music and read my book but that gets boring really quick! Although I have met a few great people hear my social network is small and therefore I tend do see the same people very regularly. Not only was I lonely but my Ipod was stolen.. a long complicated story.. my watch stopped working and the bracelet my mom bought me before going to Africa broke when a little kid pulled so hard the silver bracelet snapped in half. (AHHH) I still really like Siavonga, I just wish there was more to do in the evenings. I have definitely improved my pool playing while here; I wouldn’t say improved.. now I can make contact with the balls and sometimes even hit the right ones.. I guess you can call that an improvement! I do like our sleepy little town; I was thinking of a way to improve our nightlife.. it’s not easy.. I haven’t come up with a plan.. but if anyone has suggestions I’m all ears.