Valentine's day
on Wendy Margolese (Zambia), 14/Feb/2011 11:31, 34 days ago
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So it's Valentine's Day in Africa. It's not as commercial as North America people where red and do nice things for their partners.. My partner is of course very very far away.. I actually said to him last week that today was going to be really hard for me because we haven't been apart for V day in 10 years. It's really weird to be in a country who doesn't commericalize Valentine's day.. but to be honest I miss the commerical-ness.. I miss the flowers and the going out for dinner.. In fact if I didn't say it's Valentine's day to some of my colleagues it might have gone un-detected. I just wanted to say to all the other volunteers who are away from their loved ones.. Happy Valentine's day.. and I hope that you don't feel too lonely.I got to speak to my husband today and it was supposed to be a surprize but he is having flowers delivered to the city's capital because I'm going to be there this week. He had to tell me of the surprize because I changed my plans to go into town from Friday to Wednesday or Thursday and with the plans changing and my uncertainty he had to ruin the surprize.. but the idea was enough.. It made me realize how special my husband is.If you are at home with your loved one(s) give them an extra squeeze and look at them in the eye and appreciate you're able to do it, because there are moments when Skype just doesn't cut it.. I miss my Puppy.. Happy Valentine's Day baby.