Shit happens
on Wendy Margolese (Zambia), 22/Feb/2011 13:40, 34 days ago
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So I always debate whether to post negative things or not.. not that there have been many negative things, but when I do have something negative to say I ask myself, in the grand scheme is it really worthwhile? I wrote this yesterday and then mulled it over all of yesterday and today and have decided to post it.  This morning I woke up to find we had been robbed the night before. I woke up and went to unlock our front door and noticed all of the stuff that was on top of my fridge was no longer there.. 2 bottles of olive oil which you can only get in the capital and it’s expensive.. a lot of the goodies my mom and husband had sent from Canada that I just picked up, my salt, sugar and other cooking oil.  My iron.. etc even the curtain that was covering that window. All of our windows have buglar bars.. however the window wasn’t locked and they opened the window and reached in and took everything, they even emptied my freezer of all meat and dinner pies that were there as well.I have to say I’m exhausted and disgusted all at the same time.I’m off to the police to make a report,, which will do nothing because they’ll do nothing with it but it’s supposed to be done so I’ll do it.I feel violated and annoyed at myself for not locking my windows.. but I keep being told Siavonga is so safe. I will miss all of the stuff my mom and husband so lovingly packed up to send here.. but I will miss feeling secure in my own home more.. I feel like someone was checking out the house for what they could take and came back in the middle of the night to steal all of our stuff.. So I went to the police to make the report I was there more than 45 minutes.. they filled out 3 pages worth of information and then the detective wanted to come and see the scene of the crime.. We walked to my house and he took a look at the empty freezer and bare top of the fridge.. and then said we’ll be in touch with you if we hear anything and if you hear of anything please be in touch with us.. I said no problem and off he went. I’m pretty sure I won’t ever hear anything more about it. The police told me that bolt cutters have been stolen from a nearby company and that there have been a few break in’s recently and they have stolen food when they have broken in.. I guess it could have been worse they could have cut through the burglar I have to just move on.. and let it go.. which is harder than I thought to do, I just keep thinking about all my nice stuff that I wasgoing to enjoy that’s gone and then I get frustrated and sad all at the same time.