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Hawwah - 14/Oct/2017 15:30 - 4 days ago
Scarfed in the red snake of temptationthe light maid of Sophia sits seductivelysurveying The Garden for forbidden fruit. In...

Lipogram - 14/Oct/2017 08:09 - 4 days ago
A lipogram is a type of poem in which you restrict the use of certain letters. I just found this out. It is really difficult to...

Football focus - 10/Oct/2017 03:48 - 8 days ago
He spends his Sunday morningsrummaging car boot sales,His Saturday nightstrawling ebayto re-collect the programsleft in the atti...

Inheritance - 09/Oct/2017 06:28 - 9 days ago
For you -I would wield the surgeon’s knifeto cut away society’s cancer at its root,And banish the bankersprohibit the priest...

The hands of time - 08/Oct/2017 04:19 - 10 days ago
Clouds breeze across the fieldsCorn ripens in the sunwrinkles crease your tissued skinyour touch tells all our memories© Sheila...

Playful Poetry - 04/Oct/2017 04:39 - 14 days ago
LIGO/VIRGO© Sheila Ash, 20174thOctober 2017on the announcement of the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physics (https://www.nobelprize.org/...

LIGO/VIRGO - 04/Oct/2017 03:52 - 14 days ago
Ripples in the fabric of space and time ripple in the fabric of space and time….Where two black holes merge,there, undulate an...

Psychotic prism - 02/Oct/2017 05:53 - 16 days ago
Our writing exercise this morning consisted of using an object from a collection given to us to craft a character in a scene. My...

Sunday Morning Market Nightmare - 27/Aug/2017 04:45 - 52 days ago
Dogs to the left of you,dogs to the right,still more unseen in front of you,hidden from sight.Dogs at eye leveltrying to lick yo...

For T - 15/Aug/2017 09:49 - 64 days ago
Red eyes of salt water memoriesswim in the blue Caribbean Seaover bottomless coastal shelvesa thousand fish stream bylike days l...

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