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For FMC - 14/Apr/2018 03:01 - 10 days ago
Photo courtesy of FMCI didn’t know her wellI didn’t even know his birth nameJust her nom de plumethat said so muchthat hid s...

Review: Poison - 13/Apr/2018 09:41 - 11 days ago
PoisonbyHenrietta Rose-InnesMy rating:4 of 5 starsThis short story is available online athttp://caineprize.com/s/2008-Poison-H.....

Review: Semiprecious - 13/Apr/2018 09:38 - 11 days ago
SemipreciousbyHenrietta Rose-InnesMy rating:4 of 5 starsBeautifully written short memoir piece from South Africa giving a glimps...

The Miner’s Minor - 03/Apr/2018 08:53 - 21 days ago
His hands bear the grim of the long day well into the nextHis back the burden of toilHis eyes the ever black of pit and shaftHis...

Review: The Colour Forty by Lucy Grace - 03/Apr/2018 07:49 - 21 days ago
 Derbyshire Miners Coal-getting at the Bolsover Face. Drawn by D Macpherson. The Sphere | 22 March 1919This story is the wi...

Review: Clearly Lettered in a Mostly Steady Hand by Fran Wilde - 02/Apr/2018 08:33 - 22 days ago
Clearly Lettered in a Mostly Steady HandbyFran WildeMy rating:2 of 5 starsThis story is available to read and listen to online a...

Upland essence - 02/Apr/2018 06:14 - 22 days ago
It slithers and slides like an eel over graniterocks encased in soft springs of moss bedsbanked by lush riparian green.A twig fl...

Review: Henosis by N.K. Jemisin - 01/Apr/2018 06:34 - 23 days ago
HenosisbyN.K. JemisinMy rating:3 of 5 starsI stumbled across this story when going to the Uncanny website to read/listen to anot...

Review: Carnival Nine by Caroline M Yoachim - 01/Apr/2018 04:58 - 23 days ago
Carnival NinebyCaroline M. YoachimMy rating:5 of 5 starsThis story has been shortlisted for the 2018 Hugo Awards according tohtt...

Review: Clearing the Bones - 26/Mar/2018 01:49 - 29 days ago
By Bank Square Books - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Celeste_Ng_at_Wheeler_Library_(37313134021).jpg, CC BY-SA 4.0, ht...

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