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Apollo 13 - 19/Feb/2017 07:41 - 9 days ago
The cosmic curtain cloaked the 3 in silencetheir fate hung in a delicatebalance.Downwards they fell, fast and furious,to the wor...

The forge - 06/Feb/2017 05:51 - 22 days ago
In sepia’s golden glowsa bellow blows.Molten liquid flowsviscous like sloe ginwarming within.The hammer beats the metal.A shap...

B*gg*r off rap! - 30/Jan/2017 06:50 - 29 days ago
Monday morning grey and drearyGot up late, feeling wearyWriting scripts that’s the theoryMore like dialog hari-kiri.Words in a...

Dressing up - 27/Jan/2017 09:06 - 32 days ago
“And would you like dessert this evening?” said the waiter.Carole shook her head, smiling.“No, not for me either. Time for...

Dialog - 21/Jan/2017 05:29 - 38 days ago
For this week’s homework for my Creative Writing Group, we are asked to write an opening dialog for a radio play. Not my forte...

Kiva Shiva - 16/Jan/2017 05:07 - 43 days ago
The picture stirs a memoryof place, of time -the broken walls,the market stall,of saree colours bright and gay,her smile of welc...

Snowed in - 16/Jan/2017 05:00 - 43 days ago
As she approaches I smile and pick up two sliders, one to cut off my pint of milk from her upcoming load and the other to block ...

What are you trying to say Ms Hamilton? - 05/Dec/2016 01:01 - 85 days ago
 You erectas a doorway within a brick walla gigantic pair of buttocksClutched by a pair of hands.You suspend in mid airin f...

Strictly Story - 27/Nov/2016 07:37 - 93 days ago
A dialog of voices round a table offers choicesfor a poet sitting searching for that all illusive rift.As Saturday night to Sund...

Passport - 21/Nov/2016 08:26 - 99 days ago
Long days and even longer nightsRushed by out of sightVast swathes of lands I’d findas names on the school mapNow pass as grai...

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