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Sakura - 26/Apr/2017 03:10 - 19 hours ago
Magical moments whenA flock of origami lanterns raise heavenward without a careCherry blossom scent blankets the airSmothering f...

A bridge to forever - 23/Apr/2017 03:42 - 3 days ago
Dedication: For Klair and Russell on their wedding day, 15th April 2017.Build a bridge to forever, walk over it together,thereâ€...

Loneliness lies hidden - 02/Apr/2017 13:16 - 24 days ago
Lying in a crate of dusty odd endsOne Royal Wedding mug, four Poole plates, a Pyrex bowl, and me.Newsprint of the masses - the D...

Writer’s Block - 27/Mar/2017 07:51 - 30 days ago
He sits and staresthe world passes by.Birds sing, outsideplanes fly.He lifts the penthe page to replenisha few words writtenthe ...

Westminster Wake up Call - 23/Mar/2017 04:22 - 34 days ago
This time a loan assassindrove madly at the crowdhis car upon the pavementa bloody furrow ploughed.With knife in hand he’s run...

Dreams of Flying - 20/Mar/2017 07:38 - 37 days ago
Long chalky fingers hold me fastSweat drips with the rising sunLegs flex and stretch out and upI swing, the foothold foundas wit...

Who I am today - 19/Mar/2017 04:11 - 38 days ago
In my head, the sands of Tin Merzouga blendtheir red with the purple heathers of Alba.My heart has bled its contradictions,its l...

Desert Larks - 13/Mar/2017 08:57 - 44 days ago
Two balls of dusky camouflagelost to their playful scurryI am in no hurryto riseto disturb these twin juvenile desert larksrolli...

The last word - 07/Mar/2017 03:00 - 50 days ago
We didn’t realise till too late. The rise in doctor’s visits was probably the first sign, more complaints of tiredness put d...

Apollo 13 - 19/Feb/2017 07:41 - 66 days ago
The cosmic curtain cloaked the 3 in silencetheir fate hung in a delicatebalance.Downwards they fell, fast and furious,to the wor...

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