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Christmases with Uncle John - 16/Dec/2017 07:47 - 2 days ago
As soft as powdered snowHis white hair lay under his post man’s hatIn days before push trolleys eased their loadAnd high vis j...

The Hat Girl - 04/Dec/2017 06:40 - 14 days ago
Shaking with shynessshe strolls silently along The Strand.Her hands hold hatsfolded from felt for daylong hoursinto the night wh...

Grant Me Atonement for Mesostics - 26/Nov/2017 05:29 - 22 days ago
Amesosticis a poem arranged so that a vertical phrase intersects lines of horizontal text. It is similar to anacrostic, but with...

Forgetfulness - 20/Nov/2017 06:00 - 28 days ago
A missing button left undoneMy half drunk cup of coffeenow cold. Where is my scarf?Buster paces round unsettled“Mum, I still n...

The world according to - - 19/Nov/2017 05:16 - 29 days ago
Lets go to Ben Brown in Harare, a momentous morning.Yeah. When you think about it….Lucy, tidy those toys up. I won’t tell yo...

List poem– messages in a bottle - 13/Nov/2017 06:53 - 35 days ago
A bottles of bargains bought and soldA vial of vintage vitriolic venomA flask of famous faces frozenA keg of kept‘kerchiefs sc...

White noise - 09/Nov/2017 07:12 - 39 days ago
Sex scandals scream incessantlyFumbling breathless depravityStirring popular empathyMedia’s trivial recipe.News and truth lie ...

Breaking bends - 02/Nov/2017 09:37 - 46 days ago
Step on a line, break yourJump the tracksThe road to nowhereLess travelledIs fraught with dangersApproach with cautionBest footF...

Yanking my chain - 02/Nov/2017 04:09 - 46 days ago
20 minutes -don’t prevaricatedash to shopall in handbegin- bugger it!doesn’t workwhere’d I go wrong?- make tea© Sheila As...

Variations on a theme by A.L. Kennedy - 30/Oct/2017 08:15 - 49 days ago
A.L. Kennedy wrote an extremely short story“He didn’t. She did. Big Mistake” (1)Here are my“Variations on a theme by A.L...

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