Book Review: The Ten Loves of Mr. Nishino by Hiromi Kawakami , translated by Allison Markin Powell
on Sheila Ash (India), 17/Jun/2023 16:18, 34 days ago
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The Ten Loves of Mr. NishinobyHiromi KawakamiMy rating:3 of 5 starsFor me this novel was not as good asStrange Weather in Tokyobut I still enjoyed the read. Like Strange Weather it address the
difficulties of modern relationships. 10 women give their story of their
relationship with Nishino at different stages of his life. These are
not rendered chronologically . We never really hear him, his voice and
in many ways we and many /all? of the women never really knew him , nor
understood him. They all break away from him even though he would appear
to be a 'catch'. They say he doesn't want commitment, but perhaps it is
the women who are commitment phobes?, some are only after sex, some are
not really interested in Nishino the person, but he does leave his mark
on them all.I like Kawakami's writing style, sparse, simple, deep, thought provoking. Her stories stay with me.Another of her short story collections is appearing in translation later this yearDragon PalaceView all my reviewsashramblings