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My Indian Birthday: Face-Cake and SuperDad’s Triumph Over the Not-So-Artful Dodger - 22/Apr/2010 17:22 - 5145 days ago
At the beginning of this month I celebrated the slow and steady move into my mid twenties. Luckily my family were out visiting ...

A Chair for Sonali - 17/Mar/2010 15:58 - 5181 days ago
I thought I’d share a set of photos showing you a few days at work.Sonali is 5 years old and has had Cerebral Palsy since she ...

Work, Rest, Play and Twinkle the Wonderbike! - 03/Mar/2010 14:50 - 5195 days ago
I thought the time had come now I’m feeling settled in my new home to update you all about life in Orissa at the 3 month point...

Volunteers don rubber gloves to clean the Yamuna - 17/Dec/2009 17:58 - 5271 days ago
December 5th saw VSO India join in the Celebrations for International Volunteer Day. Swetcha, a partner of VSO organised a Yamu...

Lucy puts finger to keyboard! - 02/Dec/2009 18:01 - 5286 days ago
Finally! It’s only taken me three weeks to get my act together but here it is...my first blog post. My good intentions of at l...

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