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Life in Orissa: quite, sunny, interesting and still surprising… - 30/Apr/2009 04:10 - 4237 days ago
It’s been 2 weeks already since I inhabit my new home. I may say I am starting to get accustomed with the rhythm of life here,...

Finally I reached my new home - 20/Apr/2009 03:58 - 4247 days ago
It took me around 25 long hours trip by train from Delhi to Bhubaneswar though it was quite ok if I wouldn’t cont the screamin...

Namaskara soon... - 04/Apr/2009 08:21 - 4263 days ago
Time is flying so fast.. I just can’t believe it... I will be in Orissa very very soon. I am enjoying Delhi a lot, lot of fun,...

Children and poverty - 04/Apr/2009 08:20 - 4263 days ago
Poverty in India can be seen everywhere, what strikes me is that there is no delimitation between poor and not poor…everything...

Incredible Agra tour - 04/Apr/2009 08:14 - 4263 days ago
It’s been already a week since the incredible trip but somehow I didn’t have time to write about it. And I know now much of ...

Planning Agra tour..what a mess... - 25/Mar/2009 05:32 - 4273 days ago
It is just unbelievable how hard and complicated can be to just plan and organise a trip to Agra.. It took us two adventurous da...

Defeating insomnia and Delhi tour... - 22/Mar/2009 06:30 - 4276 days ago
It's been already a week since I am here. I still can't believe it and most probably I need more time to get use with it.Delhi h...

The beginning... - 17/Mar/2009 14:05 - 4281 days ago
Here I am, in the huge sunny dusty Delhi! And absolutely enjoying!Actually I can't really believe. It is surreal. It seems alrea...

Lucky number one - 09/Mar/2009 21:31 - 4289 days ago
I strongly believe it is absolutely fantastic that VSO had open doors to Eastern Europe too, recruiting potential volunteers fro...

Soon enough... - 01/Mar/2009 18:35 - 4297 days ago
I can't believe how time is flying... It seems ages since I have first sent my application to VSO, than the assessment, recently...

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