Defeating insomnia and Delhi tour...
on Le Reveil du Soleil (India), 22/Mar/2009 06:30, 34 days ago
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It's been already a week since I am here. I still can't believe it and most probably I need more time to get use with it.Delhi had been amazing until now. Every day is like a trip on a roller coaster park.Finally, I defeated my insomnia. I just couldn't sleep for about 5-6 days and I started to be worried, but I guess now I am fine and my body could adjust with the antimalarial pills as well.My language course is going well somehow..I still have the impression I haven't learned anything, but I had a test this Friday and bravely passed it with excellent (WOW!).. It is just a pity I can't practice it here. There is only me in Oryia language class and than I can't practice in Delhi.. I will just have to be patient to get there..We had a Delhi tour yesterday and though it had been exhausting to be on the road (mostly in the bus) for the whole day, it had been impressive and very interesting. First we got to Qtab Minar which is a 72 meters high tower built in 1193 under the orders of India's first Muslim ruler Qutb-ud-din Aibak. The tower is the tallest brick and stone minaret in the world and it is impressive.We than proceed to our second destination which was Akshardham temple, a very new temple (inaugurated in 2005) and epitomizes 10 000 years of Indian culture. It was built by the government and unfortunately it seems it was built for tourism purpose. Though the art work and fine details of the temple's architecture are astoning, you get a feeling of disappointment to see that a huge amount of money were spent to built such a temple, while India has so many social problems and there is so much poverty. It just doesn't make sense..Next stop (though I can't remember the order..) Mahatma Gandhi memorial. We also visited Indira Gandhi Museum which was a nice tour of getting to know the history of one of the greatest family in the world I may say.Bahai Lotus temple is a modern temple too in lotus shape, very modern, finished in 1986. What is amazing is the combination of the colours: the beautiful clothes of the people, amazing flowers...It is just so colourful!We stopped as well at an artisan shop where we could admire nice soft sophisticated Kashmir carpets.One of the most impressive stop for me was the Lakshmti Narayan temple, a hindu temple, which is just amazingly beautiful! It is built in Orissa style with exterior white marble and red sandstone with tall curved towers.We stopped at India's gate too - the british administrative center, built in 1931 in honour of indian soldiers who died during 1st world war. We also visited Jawarharlal Nehru Memorial Museum, a former prime minister which was one of the greatest indian leader but I just can't remember very much as I was already too tired to grasp any information more..Yes it was nice to get more taste of Indian history and culture. I am still trying to get used with the food (which I found it extremly tasty but too spicy for my tongue and stomach) and with people staring at me.. Yes.. it is just impossible not to get attention wherever I am going. When I am alone it is even worse. Yesterday, a beautiful lady in a beautiful sari asked me politely if she can have a photograph of me... (as if I was the attraction...). I bought some nice Indian clothes yesterday ... well I don't understand how to wear the pants but the tops are very nice) so I will start to wear them and hopefully people will stop staring at me that much...Otherwise, though I am trying to understand the traffic it is just beyond my capacities. It has no logic. No rules. You just drive and be as noisy as you can. Every time you take a rickshaw it is such an adventure is a roller coaster drive.. for at least 3 times per ride you have the feeling you will have an accident... even though I don't get scared by chaotic crazy driving me, I am terrified whenever I cross the street or take a rickshaw.. it is just so unbelievable..Well that's it for now. I can't get to internet so often but hopefully at least once per week I can update with fresh new stories of Delhi adventure...namaskara,Cristina