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Bittersweet symphony - 27/Jun/2010 12:25 - 5108 days ago
Apologies. I haven't written in over two months and now I'm actually leaving the 'Desh in only five days! Ah, so so much has hap...

1500 Taka for a kiss? - 02/Apr/2010 17:33 - 5194 days ago
I went down to Khulna a few weeks ago to visit my friend and fellow VSO volunteer, Lesa. Now, as much as I love Lesa, Khulna is ...

Chittagong complexities - 02/Apr/2010 13:56 - 5194 days ago
Before I leave Bangladesh I am determined to visit the Chittagong Hill Tracts. It's an area that absolutely fascinates me even t...

Dhaka disaster? - 29/Mar/2010 09:40 - 5198 days ago
I discovered this article today about Dhaka in today's English newspaper, The Daily Star. I know I've tried to describe how ...

Hot and bothered - 25/Mar/2010 17:28 - 5202 days ago
Over the past two weeks I've been unbearably hot. So hot it's been absolute agony. There's absolutely no break from it. Ever. No...

Banglalish - 18/Mar/2010 07:12 - 5209 days ago
After six months of life in the‘Desh, I thought I’d have mastered Bengali a lot more than I have but in actual fact, it’s ...

Laila - 15/Mar/2010 15:16 - 5212 days ago
It was humid today. So humid I could hardly breathe. We had three power cuts at work and then when I finally got home after an h...

Therapy Post Thailand? - 04/Mar/2010 08:05 - 5223 days ago
This blog post has been rattling inside my head for over two months now. The way I’ve been feeling recently has been extremely...

Saying 'I Do' - 07/Feb/2010 07:00 - 5248 days ago
It’s been a while since I’ve written because so much has happened over the last month but I’m going to back track slightly...

The emperor's new clothes - 15/Dec/2009 09:39 - 5302 days ago
When I first thought of living in Bangladesh, I had an image of myself; flowing silk saris, beautiful scarves, beads, really lon...

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