Bittersweet symphony
on Bangin' in the 'Desh (Bangladesh), 27/Jun/2010 12:25, 34 days ago
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Apologies. I haven't written in over two months and now I'm actually leaving the 'Desh in only five days! Ah, so so much has happened - actual events, dramas and emotions, it's hard to know where to start or know what to tell. So, here's the Coles notes version...I moved out of the Mohammadia flat hell hole and in with my friend Misha in a much nicer part of town. Overall, a lot less moaning and valium requirements on my part. Hurrah, I hear you cry! It's been a whole different experience for me living there it's unbelievable; I've been living with AC, a generator, a housekeeper, a foam mattress... even bacon, yes bacon, in the fridge! You could call it a taste of the 'good life' before I leave and what a nice treat it's been.I also officially completed all of my VSO work and finalised the Strategic Plan for my organisation - 160 pages and three months ahead of schedule! Boom! It feels great to create a business plan that's so comprehensive, and hopefully sustainable. It's also been good practice for me to think so strategically across so many areas; branding, mission, vision, values, HR, you name it. To finalise the placment process, I also have my VSO exit interview tomorrow and have submitted my final report too. All in all, a lot of writing, a lot of meetings, but I feel proud of myself for achieving what I came here to do. Result!Since the rains came the weather's cooled down a lot but it's still hot and humid so don't worry, I've still been enjoying what I do best - lying by the pool, getting a tan. Hehe. My life's also been a lot more social recently, living in a different area of Dhaka. Lots of hot, late summer nights, enjoying cheap illegal beer, good conversation and live music.I feel good. I feel happy. I feel that there's been a considerable change in me over these last few months on so many levels; what I've realised about this experience as a whole, what I've realised about myself and what I've realised about life. I can't really articulate yet though, I think I need more time. But what I can say is that this has been, without a doubt, the hardest nine months of my life, and also, the most amazing, incredible, unforgettable, inspiring, life-changing. It almost feels like I have become more alive, like I'm living on a higher plain. I know it's sounds over dramatic but it's actually true. I feel energised about my next step; my trip to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and my eventual move to London. Even though I think it will be bittersweet to leave Bangladesh, this journey has redefined me but now it's time for the next adventure to start...