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Holocaust Memorial Day - 26/Jan/2014 19:01 - 2868 days ago
Normal00199156494711693711.1539000Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. This is a short speech I gave at the small event in Uppe...

A new life? - 14/Sep/2011 22:06 - 3733 days ago
Betweenus, Katja and I volunteered for over 4 years in Cambodia.  We wanted to do something, howevermodest, to help people ...

The Road - 08/Sep/2011 13:59 - 3739 days ago
Justbefore I came to Cambodia my friend and football teammate Jules gave me a bookcalledThe Road.  It’s about the struggl...

The Noble Art? - 02/Sep/2011 12:01 - 3745 days ago
The evening of June 8th1985 is clear in my mind for two reasons.As we gathered excitedly round my granny’s telly, Barry McGuig...

Free the bears! - 27/Aug/2011 10:36 - 3751 days ago
“How we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other”.So Ghandi got there before me, butI’ve always believed that ho...

Preah Vihear is our temple! - 19/Aug/2011 11:17 - 3759 days ago
TemplesI have now seen many, but never before have I been led through the ruins with an armed guard.Holding my hand.Preah Vihear...

A Deadly Cambodian Crime Spree - 06/Aug/2011 15:49 - 3772 days ago
I was shocked– horrified – baffled – on my arrival at the hospital this morning.Unbelievably, we seemed to have been attac...

Let's talk about sex! - 04/Aug/2011 04:15 - 3774 days ago
A young western guy comes toCambodialooking for kicks, and– along with drugs and guns – he gets them from hooking up with a ...

London, it's the new Phnom Penh! - 30/Jul/2011 10:01 - 3779 days ago
I knew something was odd as soon as we landed inLondon.It wasn’t just the tropical heat, or even the unusual scent of jasmine....

Thank you for smoking - 20/Jul/2011 14:40 - 3789 days ago
These are challenging times for those of us who love and profit from smoking inCambodia.Happily this country remains one of the ...

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