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Viva España - 06/May/2010 09:01 - 5160 days ago
Well, just got back from Spain.Quite a strange week or so and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to a Mr. D. Holmes and family who r...

Exhileration&Happy Endings - 24/Apr/2010 13:53 - 5172 days ago
(picture fromhere)Woop, woop! Just got back fromthe stablesand had a wicked time. Went on a hack and discovered that usually sle...

Flying High - 22/Apr/2010 08:12 - 5174 days ago
This graph fromInformation is Beautifulclearly shows that althoughplane-groundinghas caused chaos to us mortals - it's certainly...

Contre Success - 20/Apr/2010 10:46 - 5176 days ago
At the weekend we not only had a blast from the past food-wise with our fine rendition of fufu, sombe, beans and waragi - we als...

Ghostly Edinburgh - 18/Apr/2010 17:38 - 5178 days ago
I have just returned from an awesomely wicked few days in Edinburgh, visiting Martine.Before I get into the swing of things, Jo ...

Memory Lane - 06/Apr/2010 09:43 - 5190 days ago
Did you know that there actually is aMemory Lane in Leicester? As you walk down Belgrave Road to town, by the church. So if you ...

In Memory of Florence - 01/Apr/2010 14:52 - 5195 days ago
This post is in memory of Florence Mahoro, a fellow volunteer from the disability Programme in Rwanda. A message from Ruairi tod...

Spring is Sprung - 21/Mar/2010 10:44 - 5206 days ago
Spring is sprung,De grass is riz,I wonder where dem birdies is?De little birds is on de wing,Ain’t dat absurd?De little wing i...

Voting Run-Up - 18/Mar/2010 13:32 - 5209 days ago
I'm dedicating this post to all my friends in Rwanda. We're not the only country having an election this year.This is a very int...

Kasubi Up In Flames :( - 17/Mar/2010 12:34 - 5210 days ago
Just read this really sad story:Uganda's Kasubi royal tombs gutted by fire.I have abeautiful paintingfrom there andwonderful mem...

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