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Hello from Cambodia 19 - 23/May/2009 07:00 - 4141 days ago
Unless something goes dramatically wrong this will be the last blog that we will send from Cambodia. Yesterday we booked a fligh...

Hello from Cambodia 18 - 24/Mar/2009 10:41 - 4201 days ago
While England was experiencing its worst“snow event” for 20 years Cambodia was having its own severe weather problem –MORE...

Hello from Cambodia 17 - 18/Jan/2009 08:31 - 4266 days ago
It's cold!!!!!! No kidding the last few weeks have been bloody freezing. There is a continuous strong breeze so there is the "wi...

Hello from Cambodia 16 - 05/Nov/2008 10:24 - 4340 days ago
November 1st 2008. We have been living in Phnom Preuk for exactly 1 year now, so maybe in true VSO style we should engage in a l...

Hello from Cambodia 15 - 15/Sep/2008 10:41 - 4391 days ago
It is exactly 1 year since we arrived in Cambodia. Wow that was quick!This blog will mainly be“what we did in our summer holid...

Hello from Cambodia 14 - 10/Jul/2008 10:04 - 4458 days ago
It’s been rather a long time since our last blog and we can’t use the excuse that we are rushed off our feet. It’s more th...

Hello from Cambodia 13 - 19/May/2008 03:38 - 4510 days ago
Its been a while since the last Blog mainly because we haven’t been at home much in the last 6 weeks. In fact this is being wr...

Hello from Cambodia 12 - 05/Apr/2008 08:50 - 4554 days ago
At last we have started to do some proper work. We ran a workshop for 30 people on Effective Teaching and Learning and it went o...

Hello from Cambodia 11 - 02/Mar/2008 07:54 - 4588 days ago
So here we are 6 months in and really beginning to feel like ex pats. We returned from Kampong Chang and the language course wit...

Hello from Cambodia 10 - 03/Feb/2008 11:26 - 4616 days ago
Happy New Year.This blog is being written in our room in the Mekong Hotel in Kampong Cham. We are back here for 2 weeks for the ...

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