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Doing the most good…. - 19/Dec/2019 02:00 - 165 days ago
As we start to move to the end of 2019, the end of a decade, I wanted to share a link with you.   It is an interview by one of ...

Resolving–how goes the fitness goals? What motivates you? - 19/Feb/2019 01:59 - 468 days ago
How many of you set New Year’s Resolutions this year?   How many of you are still on track with those goals after 7 weeks...

Just MOVE it–in 2019 - 04/Jan/2019 07:33 - 514 days ago
With the arrival of the New Year, the resolutions are being made, and perhaps…. quickly disappearing as reality sets in! ...

Earth Day–an alternative to the plastic bag that lines your rubbish bin - 22/Apr/2018 08:36 - 771 days ago
Happy Earth Day everyone!  Over the past number of years (a decade perhaps?) we have been steadily reducing our plastic consump...

Long Distance Thru Hiking–my top 3 gear picks - 10/Apr/2018 14:38 - 783 days ago
One of the great long distance hiking trails in Australia is fortuitously located right here in Western Australia.  The wonderf...

Five Tips for a Simple Thrift-mas - 05/Dec/2017 10:01 - 909 days ago
How did the silly season arrive with such rapidity this year? Egads, I was in the CBD earlier this week, and ALREADY there were ...

Hiking tips for South Korea - 31/Jul/2017 10:35 - 1036 days ago
Some of the most enjoyable time we spent, during our month in South Korea was in some of the absolutely beautiful National Parks...

Plastic Free July–some trials during Week 1 (and a win!) - 06/Jul/2017 13:04 - 1061 days ago
We decided to sign up for Plastic Free July. We already “do” a lot of the things to minimise our waste, particularly...

Travel Tips for South Korea - 03/Jul/2017 13:07 - 1064 days ago
Many of the Travel Tips for Japan apply also to Korea. Some exceptions are: • Buses rather than trains are generally the easie...

Travel Tips for Japan - 21/Jun/2017 13:19 - 1076 days ago
Konnichiwa!  We loved the month we recently spent in Japan.  It is a fascinating culture, with some customs that are very diff...

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