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Indonesian "Cuisine" - 25/Jul/2009 08:03 - 5387 days ago
It seems that Indonesian‘cuisine’ really boils down to a few simple concepts, and you will soon see why that statement is a ...

Spiders Scorpions&Dragons Oh My! - 11/Jul/2009 10:34 - 5401 days ago
I have just returned from a fantastic vacation to the rugged landscape and white sandy beaches of Flores and Komodo National Par...

Javanese Wedding - 25/Jun/2009 12:03 - 5417 days ago
I had the sincere pleasure this past weekend of being part of a Javanese wedding. One of the expats here in Solo, Michael Mickle...

Adventures In Motorcycling - 22/Jun/2009 09:35 - 5420 days ago
Muscle memory is a very cool thing. I remember, not too long ago, feeling very awkward on my motorcycle. I performed such amazin...

Little Things Part 2 PART 2 - Urgent Car Washing Update - 11/Jun/2009 01:50 - 5431 days ago
I'm sorry I couldn't resist this urgent update to my 'Car Washing' segment from Little Things Part 2. If you have not already se...

Countdown - 10/Jun/2009 01:37 - 5432 days ago
As of today I have approximately 8 weeks left in Indonesia; I am a little more than 2/3 of my way through this journey. Time to ...

Little Things Part 2 - 18/May/2009 11:13 - 5455 days ago
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Omens - 13/May/2009 13:09 - 5460 days ago
I have a fairly narrow view of the world; I am not a religious person, and am generally not shy to admit that I embrace no spiri...

Adventures in Jakarta - 01/May/2009 09:24 - 5472 days ago
st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) }The Indonesian government recently introduced a new law proclaiming that all foreigners in the cou...

Little Things - 26/Apr/2009 08:53 - 5477 days ago
There are all kinds of quirky little things that I have noticed about Indonesia; each doesn’t necessarily deserve its own blog...

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