Little Things Part 2 PART 2 - Urgent Car Washing Update
on Solo Diaries (Indonesia), 11/Jun/2009 01:50, 34 days ago
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I'm sorry I couldn't resist this urgent update to my 'Car Washing' segment from Little Things Part 2. If you have not already seen it please go back and read it before this crucial, breaking news.I have occasionally been known to exaggerate (really Dan? You?) so I would not be completely offended if anyone thought I was 'over-emphasizing' how often and vigourously cars are washed in Indonesia. I swear I was not. Here is more evidence: This morning as I was leaving for work, the Nissan owner, washing his car much later than his usual 6am, had his hood up and was -- I am not making this up --dusting off his engine with a feather duster. Not the hood, the ENGINE.I was so flabbergasted I even asked him to pose for a picture for me. Look at that car shine!PS: Indonesians don't smile in pictures unless prompted to, and they do as much as possible barefoot.