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Work - Yes I do some! - 01/Mar/2011 10:05 - 3930 days ago
I am a procrastinator! I have always been one. I have read books on it, I have creatively tried to overcome it in many different...

‘This is the Coldest You Will Be For 14 Months’ and Other Lies Your Parents Tell You. - 21/Dec/2010 03:42 - 4000 days ago
In the beginning there was a force. This force was also known as Mike and Jean, aka, my parents. They helped me greatly in prepa...

From one North East to Another - 21/Dec/2010 03:41 - 4000 days ago
 After a week more in Phnom Penh of shopping, training sessions and socialising we were all ready to move to our various pl...

Life in‘The Cham’ and Homestay - 21/Dec/2010 03:37 - 4000 days ago
Life in‘The Cham’ (Kampong Cham) flowed nicely. We were split into two language groups. Our group met each morning for break...

Hallow-wan and the Henley Regatta - 21/Dec/2010 03:35 - 4000 days ago
Cambodians are terrified of Ghosts! They believe adamantly that they exist and they are scared of them, (one of the other volunt...

School, Aerobics and Blue Lagoon! - 24/Oct/2010 08:05 - 4058 days ago
So it's day 10 and I thought I better get blogging. I don't even know where to start - it feels like we've been here for years!&...

The incident of the runaway car..... - 11/Oct/2010 15:55 - 4071 days ago
So I didn't think I would have too much to write about before I actually arrived in Cambodia but thanks to the curious case of t...

Bikes and Spiders - 29/Sep/2010 16:28 - 4083 days ago
Sitting in my bedroom surrounded by packing lists, shopping lists and to do lists I thought it was about time I started my ...

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