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Home with handicrafts - 16/Oct/2011 13:40 - 4632 days ago
I arrived back in the UK in mid-July laden with handicrafts, all of which I’m pleased to say I have managed to sell, both to f...

Saying goodbye - 14/Oct/2011 17:37 - 4634 days ago
People were very kind over my leaving in July. Work held a leaving lunch for me. Several people stood up and said some...

Kibuye - 14/Oct/2011 15:54 - 4634 days ago
Only an hour and a half bus ride from Gitarama is Kibuye, a village by the beautiful Lake Kivu; the perfect place for a peaceful...

Waking up in Rwanda - 25/Sep/2011 15:23 - 4653 days ago
Dawn from my bedroom window:...

Bits and pieces - 25/Sep/2011 11:29 - 4653 days ago
I’ve got a few odd photos which might interest you.Below are two men sawing hardwood planks by hand using a two-person saw.&nb...

Baby Nice - 25/Sep/2011 11:19 - 4653 days ago
If you’ve taken an interest in Nice, you will be pleased to hear that by the time I left Rwanda, she weighed 2.4kg and was app...

Nyungwe Forest - 25/Sep/2011 11:11 - 4653 days ago
Everyone’s heard of Rwanda’s mountain gorillas, but Nyungwe Forest is a well-kept secret. It is the largest remaining m...

Historically Marginalised People - 11/Jul/2011 08:59 - 4729 days ago
YWCA has begun a street theatre project aimed at changing attitudes towards historically marginalised people in Rwanda. Thi...

Weekend at Rachel’s by Lake Burera - 06/Jul/2011 04:08 - 4734 days ago
Rachel is a volunteer who lives in the North of Rwanda, near Lake Burera and in sight of volcanoes– yes, the same volcanoes in...

Luxury in Rwanda - 06/Jul/2011 03:56 - 4734 days ago
I’ve worked out what I need to do occasionally for a bit of R&R. It’s to take a swim in the Mille Collines hotel po...

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