back in the UK
on Catherine Dupre (Mongolia), 15/Mar/2011 14:44, 34 days ago
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so - its been a while, I left mongolia on 4th December 2010.  I spent two weeks making my way from London to Lockerbie.  two days after I returned I was walking through shoreditch when I was stopped by three young men, clearly in high spirits.  we got chatting and they invited me to come for a drink with me.  Thats how I ended up drinking tequila in a strip bar at 3pm.......Since then life has been random and exciting, annoying but with moments of spleandor.I had a wonderful christmas and new year with my family in scotland, lots of food, sledging and funtimes doting on newest addition to te family, Sampson the wonderbaby.I was at a lose end, lifewise, and I decided that a good enough avenue to coast down was moving to Liverpool to be near some of my oldest friends,  So I in, I got in my car and drove down not knowing what to expect, having never ever been to liverpool before.I arrived on friday the 28th of january, in time to go to a party my friends were attending.  I was sitting on a dusty makeshift sofa, with a plastic glass full of cheap red wine, when my friend tapped me on the shoulder, as I turned around she was saying, Cath, this is our friend N....I looked up into his face and that was it, we have been together ever since.Our relationship hasnt been conventional by any stretch of the imagination.I am homeless, unemployed, bt happy enough.  POverty is paralysing me, but I am staying with my friends, dancing in their performing troupe sometimes, and drinking cheap tea at hppie cafe's while I job hunt on my laptop.