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back in the UK - 15/Mar/2011 14:44 - 4789 days ago
so - its been a while, I left mongolia on 4th December 2010.  I spent two weeks making my way from London to Lockerbie.&nbs...

My last ride– frozen eyelashes, looking cool and fake babies...... - 29/Nov/2010 08:35 - 4895 days ago
Since I have been in Mongolia I have slowly but surely embraced horse riding. It is something I was so looking forward to doing,...

Nakedness, Mitts 'n' Gritts, and Muugii gets her bum out.... - 29/Nov/2010 08:30 - 4895 days ago
My colleagues wanted to do something special for me in my last week, and decided that a trip to the‘саун’ was in order. ...

my farewell quiz, two mongolian babies and vodka for lunch - 29/Nov/2010 04:03 - 4895 days ago
Aaah, life in UB, the pace never lets up, the madness never subsides, the pavements are slippery icy, the stray dogs have gone a...

root canal, domesticity, and I forgot the other thing - 16/Nov/2010 02:47 - 4908 days ago
So - I went to the dentist..........I had been given the telephone number of a Korean dentist, who spoke perfect english, and wh...

What -15 feels like. And how I am a walking cliche. - 12/Nov/2010 02:18 - 4912 days ago
Aaah, winter is upon us, the ice is creeping over the pavements like a subtle spill of slippery slidiness.  The temper...

the pub quiz is dead, long live the pub quiz - 05/Nov/2010 07:18 - 4919 days ago
its true, the pub quiz is no more.  Sad times.In the last month I have been busy busy.  I have been involved in design...

The post-apocalyptic Fun Fair and the curious incident of the peace corps in the night time - 22/Oct/2010 03:18 - 4933 days ago
za za za, I am trying to collate my brain cells to write a 15 minute lesson on Cardiac Surgery Nursing, which is hard, as that i...

the night train, the hypnoscreen and three dramatic characters - 20/Oct/2010 02:51 - 4935 days ago
Hi - so, wow, I didnt realise it had been a whole month since the last post.  Since then, I have had my friend C staying - ...

dancing geese, daylight robbery, and falling off a horse - 19/Sep/2010 09:35 - 4966 days ago
Soooo, whats been happening.......Well, UB has been the usual crazy noisy dust bucket it always is, thought the weather has been...

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