the pub quiz is dead, long live the pub quiz
on Catherine Dupre (Mongolia), 05/Nov/2010 07:18, 34 days ago
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its true, the pub quiz is no more.  Sad times.In the last month I have been busy busy.  I have been involved in designing a trianing day for the interpreters, as vso state they cant offer a very high salary to interpreters, so they cant get such a high standard of interpreters.  So we decided to make a group to try and maximise the efficacy of interpreters, by providing creative training to help them work to their full potential.It went very very well, and all the interpreters gave very good feedback, so that was a buzz.  Short lived as it turned out as things went sour when the volunteers, interpreters and vso staff had a big tangle about how and how much the interpreters get paid. anyway, I have also been going to the theatre as much as possible, went to see the russian ballet do Romeo and Juliet, which was absolutley stunning, exquisite. I have also been to see two Mongolain Ballets, which are great, wonderful costumes and a really interesting interpretation of ballet.  Next I am going to see 'La Boheme' and the magic flute.Once a week a group of us have a film night, where I come over to Nicks at 6pm and start cooking a vegge pasta dish, others arrive and we watch obscure films and discuss them with hilarity.I went the other day to see a performance done by a group of expats, a theatre group who put on "the fantasticks", it was hilarious, tho perhaps not always ticks along nicely, now instead of the nurses coming to me, I now go to the departments, and give informal lessons on the wards, and everyone seems much happier with this arrangement.anyway - i am being muchly distracted by poeple talking to now just going to post a load of photos from charleine's visit.  these are her photos, and I think they are wonderful, she is an artist and her website is garages in Erdenetme and uya in erdenethiking up the hill in erdenetfunland in erdenetthe black market - felt for gershorse skulls in erdenetbed factory security guards gerlunch with the twins, I dont look so impressed but I was just tired, I actually love mongolian food...horrid tricksy horsethe view from Zaisanpollution defencefabric stall at teh marketmonument at erdenetmy beautieslady and her gerthe main square in erdenetmore photos as and when I collate them.