April already
on Thea's Blog (Uganda), 31/Mar/2011 15:16, 34 days ago
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February and March have whizzed past while January was still getting its coat on. I’m kind of disarmed by the insane speed with which my VSO experience has shot by. I have never in my life before known time to pass so quickly. I guess it’s because I’m having such a good time. I really, actually am. Love the job, love the place, love the people…So why then am I leaving? It’s a good question, and one I have been asking myself fairly regularly since accepting a job in West Africa. But more of that later…Meanwhile…lots of rain since the beginning of March. Pretty cold here in FP although KLA as sticky as ever. Trying to do a zillion things at once – finalise MMU’s ten year strategic plan, get life skills/career guidance off the ground, goad my hopeless unit in to becoming something vaguely passable, start up a fundraising short course, coax students in to taking over termly magazine, develop a grand plan for solving the university’s financial woes. Kind of semi-succeeding with some things and miserably failing with others. Usual story. Meanwhile shamelessly neglecting my smallholding. Vegetablepatch has been reclaimed by the jungle. Abwooli the hen came to a sad end when she tried to befriend a pussy cat (curiousity killed the chicken in this case). Atenyi and Atooki are once more on egg strike (perhaps because I usually only remember to feed them every third day). Glad there’s no suchthing as the RSPCA in this country.And all of a sudden I have only 6 weeks left to go.It’s all a bit of a wrench. I feel I could very happily continue bumbling along here indefinitely. But this irritating, naggy little voice keeps whispering things like: you’ve been a volunteer for two years, it’s frankly ridiculous at your age, it’s time to stop farting about and get a properjob. Humpf. Unfortunately I can't really argue with these home truths. So no extension for me after all. Instead I’m off to the rust- and mould-inducing heat of Sierra Leone. It's all happening a bit too fast for my liking. Slow down, slow down. This is Africa after all.