I know this is unacceptable...will try to improve my blog record from now on.
on Rachel Gates (Indonesia), 25/Mar/2011 03:33, 34 days ago
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This is my first blog in over two months for that I am very, very sorry. Truth of the matter is I have been struggling a bit. Realities of being a volunteer have hit. However I seem to be coming out of the other side. So since December I am the only volunteer inRuteng, and the nearest bunch to get together with are a four-five hour drive away. However my work commitments I have changed and I now worksaturdays, which makes going toBajawato see my friends tough. Work was becoming very frustrating, and then to top it all off I fell off my bike and burnt my leg quite badly. I now have a scare that will last me the rest of my life. (personally I think it looks quite cool)But the good news, I seem to be getting my grove back. I used to sit at home thinking, I reallymuchupdatethe blog, but then really couldnotthinkwhat to write. As people will knowRuteng, is not a big place, not a lot happens, I do not go out in the afternoons that is when it rains. Sometimes literally the highlight of my week has been hand washing my clothes.However things are a changing. This week I have been to two...not one but Two parties. Not my usual scene, a priests leaving do, and the celebrations over the anniversary of some sisters arrivingin Ruteng. So no drink, however lots of dancing and singing and laughing. Which seem to have done me the word of good.I have started doing three lots of English teaching each week, which has been an absolute hoot. I have then managed to make one of the classes inclusive with to blind students, which is a massive success.I am even managing to keep up with some of the basic conversations between the teachers, which is nice too. U til they speak Bahasa Manggarai and then I do not understand a word. It has been really hard to make friends with the teachers previously, but now things are going well. I sometimes get invited to peoples houses which in nice.Must have done some good for me, as I walked into the local social services here and offered my help. Start on Monday helping with the classification of disbaled people in the 155 villages in the distract of Manggarai. So now I am busier than ever. I am hoping thids will help me keep motivate,d and provide weekly news on this blog....well lets wait and see what happens.