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Nothing happens and then it all happens at once! - 15/Aug/2011 04:12 - 4636 days ago
Well I have been pondering about my life quite a lot in Ruteng, as I have time on my hands. I am managing to still pass my Maste...

My camera has been stolen....but I am feeling positive! - 19/Jul/2011 05:55 - 4663 days ago
Well life as a volunteer is full of ups and downs. Depending on who you talk to more downs than up's, however if you talk to me ...

Dead bodies - 22/Jun/2011 02:47 - 4690 days ago
Well I knew I was going to a funeral, but actually sitting in a room with a corpse of someone I never knew....I was not expectin...

For anyone considering volunteering. - 07/May/2011 02:46 - 4736 days ago
I am putting this on my blog, as I think it helps put into perspective how different people view volunteering and the different ...

Things are better! - 29/Apr/2011 04:35 - 4744 days ago
Thought I had better update this quickly, as things are a bit better then the last two days. Can't really say how I think each t...

When little adjustments seem so big! - 28/Apr/2011 04:35 - 4745 days ago
So I have been on holiday. I had a fabulous five days with Bob, Sarah, Jenny and Paul. Hopefully if I can get the internet to wo...

Easter has arrived...and so has PIZZA! - 18/Apr/2011 03:37 - 4755 days ago
Well as people on facebook will know, a pizza place has arrived in Ruteng. Not only that they do stuffed crust, with cheese or m...

I know this is unacceptable...will try to improve my blog record from now on. - 25/Mar/2011 03:33 - 4779 days ago
This is my first blog in over two months for that I am very, very sorry. Truth of the matter is I have been struggling a bit. Re...

Sorry this is late. I have been really busy.... - 31/Jan/2011 05:23 - 4832 days ago
Sorry this is very late,first update since last year. Those of you who were expecting to see photo's of the holiday,you will hav...

The holiday!!!!!!!!!!! this is in two parts, maybe more. - 30/Dec/2010 03:32 - 4864 days ago
Right I am still in Bali but it is pouring with rain, so I thought it would be a good time to update the blog. I am afraid photo...

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