Things are better!
on Rachel Gates (Indonesia), 29/Apr/2011 04:35, 34 days ago
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Thought I had better update this quickly, as things are a bit better then the last two days. Can't really say how I think each time I have a holiday I also need two or three days of being miserable before I get into the flow of things.Yesterday met a really inspiring sister, who spent 10 years doing development work in Mozambique, she is now a head of a school here that offers some inclusive education, so going to see if I can help with some fund-raising over computer equipment for the low vision children that they cater for.My frustration really is people here not understanding why I am here, and just thinking I am an English teacher. (Ironically I am not very good at English - so I would never get through the training to be an English teacher)However after a few beers, and dancing around my living to to Dire Straits, I am feeling much more in the mood. Also have started to do a course with the Open university on Global Development which looks really interesting. So it gives me something to focus on.