My camera has been stolen....but I am feeling positive!
on Rachel Gates (Indonesia), 19/Jul/2011 05:55, 34 days ago
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Well life as a volunteer is full of ups and downs. Depending on who you talk to more downs than up's, however if you talk to me right now more ups than downs.Currently been on holiday which has been so nice. Met up with Mark and Anouk in Makasar, had a great and relaxing time. Also has my own little room in the attic, felt a bit like a flower in the attic, but I did get fed and I was allowed all day everyday. However the heat in Makassar is a different level to Flores! it is boiling, and if you have a hangover very, very unpleasant. However the bad news is no photos, as my camera has been stolen.So visited Fort Rotterdam and the museum. Thanks to my lovely tour guides from the university for showing me around he museum. Had food I never thought you could get in Indonesia, which I have to say does show had backwards some parts of Flores are. Had burgers, Tokyo rice burgers, sushi, dim sum, and the list goes on and on and on. Managed to get into the most fabulous buffet at a five star hotel and stuff my face for the whole evening. Fantastic.Considering the heat, I even went for a run in my new trainers. The good news was no-one really ran, as people kept loosing the course, and of course the best part was the numerous beers after the event. Met loads of nice and interesting people from a variety walks of like. People from Indonesia and people from outside of Indonesia. The best part was that people in Makassar could understand my Indonesian. I have to say I think the people are easier to understand as they speak a little slower in Makassar which was very nice.But it was just so nice to see Mark and Anouk, who used to live with me in Ruteng. First question what has changed in Ruteng. The answer being we now have pizza, however I have to say the pizza is not comparable to the pizza you can get in Makassar.After Makassar had a quick 2 day stop in Bali, which involved a lot of drinking and catching up with some old friends. which was very nice. now I have returned back to Maumere on Flores to deal with immigration. I was expecting an ordeal that would last days with loads of time hanging around doing nothing. But I was in the door at 9am, waited 40 mins had my photo taken and my fingerprints, undertaken electronically, all completed within 2 hours. This is a surprise as when I arrived in Bali this time last year our fingerprints were still being undertaken with black ink, which caused a right mess. (Things are obviously progressing) However being back in Flores has made me realize how much I missed Flores. Now I have been away the best part of a month I am starting to miss few friends back in Ruteng, and my neighbours, can't wait to see them when I return in two days.Also really nice to see Charlie who arrived in the batch as me to Flores. He is doing such a good job in Maumere, he has just finished an exhibition of things made by the local communities he works with. The exhibition was so successful it sold out of most products on the first day. Good for you Charlie!!!! And my mum will be happy as at last I have bought her a traditional Ikat to take home at Christmas.