Sorry this is late. I have been really busy....
on Rachel Gates (Indonesia), 31/Jan/2011 05:23, 34 days ago
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Sorry this is very late,first update since last year. Those of you who were expecting to see photo's of the holiday,you will have to look on face book as it takes ages to load photos onto here.So whatI have been doing since the new year holiday in Bali, well I am in a period of transition to be only volunteer now being placed in Ruteng for the time being. So my nearest volunteers and therapy session is in Bajawa currently. Now thankfully I have learnt to ride my motorbike,so I have just returned from a little weekend away with my mates in Bajawa. Thanks to Lau,Danny,Paul and Sarah for the hoot! But I tell you what Lau I am not going to let you drink so much Arak next time,as then you just fall asleep in the corner of the room! (with a smile on your face) me thinks you are thinking about your holiday home to your family in March.So I have visited Paul and Sarah's pad, it is not like a volunteer house at all, it is like a little sanctuary with hot water, at times. Just a shame about the dodgy electrics,but having Paul cook my dinner was a real treat,as he is such a good cook. No one gets treated like this at my place.However disaster did strike when my back inner tube literally exploded five kilometers from the nearest town. Although I was swearing a cursing,thank god it was only five kilometers out of town and that most of the walk with the bike was down a slight downhill slope.In Flores this could have been much,much worse. Still have received sunburn to my face and neck as it was really hot on the day this happened. I now have a glow in the dark nose. However I am sure the exercise did me a lot of good.Hoping to returen to Bajawa in the next three weeks and visit the hot springs. Most volunteers have traioning.I am going to try and pop along just for the evening drinking activities,and visiting the Soa hot water spring.I will try and spend some efforts getting some photos of the lovely landscape on facebook soon. Sorry it has taken so long.Loads of Love Rachel